About Us

Nomadic Soul RC is an adventure motorcycle touring company managed by three avid travellers who bonded over their mutual love for mountains and motorcycles. We staunchly believe in promoting responsible adventure motorcycling for all those who are ready to put themselves out there in the open to feel connected with the raw beauty nature has to offer.


We are one of the very few adventure travel companies in the country to have a strong local presence across the Himalayas. Unlike the majority of the competition, we do not rely on other travel agencies to provide backend services to our tours and have built a solid core team from ground up with years of experience in efficiently handling of operations. Our tour leaders are hardcore motorcycle enthusiasts who have ridden extensively across the country and recced various parts of the Himalayas to ensure you experience the place like never before.

We host hundreds of riders - seasoned and newbies alike every year and we are constantly rated the best by one and all. 


The Team


The mad hatter of the bunch - is a motorcycle buff. He has a drool-worthy collection of over 15 bikes and religiously rides and maintains every one of them. An ex-IT guy who quit his job to pursue his passion for motorcycles has set up his own garage in Bangalore. He's also a hardcore off-road enthusiast who has numerous podium finishes to his credit. Pali has spent considerable time up in the mountains leading tours and is loved by one and all who rides with him.


Sahil is our operations wizard. He has been a go-to guy for many touring companies in India who conducts tours in the Himalayas. The guy has spent half of his life in the mountains and runs one of the top-rated home-stays in the Himalayas - The Nomad's Cottage, Losar. Sahil has personally trained the entire core team who are a part of all our tours making our team the biggest strength


Sandeep aka TK is a solo motorcyclist who has extensively toured all over the country on his trusted Royal Enfield. He absolutely loves mountains and makes sure anybody who tags along with him does too. He takes care of the branding and marketing aspects of NSRC and leads a couple of our tours too. The guy's a total foodie and ensures you try out some great local food when you are on the road