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The Tribal Circuit

An unforgettable road trip across the verdant valley of Kinnaur and the martian landscapes of Spiti

Rudyard Kipling famously referred to Spiti valley as 'The Middle Land' in one of his greatest pieces of work. Bookended by towering trans-Himalayan peaks, Spiti is a world within a world! On this tour, we take you on an adventure to the enigmatic valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti. Starting from the Himalayan foothills, we make our way up to some of the remotest hamlets perched at dizzying heights. This tour is perfect for someone who’s a first-timer to the Himalayas, it has the right mixture of adventure and familiarity to not throw you off entirely.

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July 26th - Aug 4th




Min. 6 - Max. 12

Himalayan foothills, High-altitude deserts

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