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Frozen Spiti Expedition

A mind-numbing adventure across the winter wonderland of Spiti!

Trip Duration

Dec 26 - Jan 02, 2024

Experience Type

Road Trip

Terrain Type

Cold deserts, High-altitude regions, Extreme temperatures

An adventure only for the chosen few with a penchant for mind-numbing cold and a devil-may-care attitude! This journey into the winter wonderland of Spiti through the snowed-out valleys of Himachal is life-changing, to say the least!


• Ring in the new year at the winter wonderland of Spiti
• Stay amongst locals and experience the pahaadi way of life during extreme winters
• Visit some of the oldest and grandest monasteries of the country as you visit the high-altitude hamlets of Gue, Tabo and Ki
• Soak in the stunning vistas of the snowed out Spiti valley from the Buddha statue at Langza
• Visit the magnificent Chicham bridge which is touted as the highest bridge in the whole of Asia
• Witness the grandeur of the Kinner Kailash range form the idyllic town of Kalpa
• Forge meaningful friendships with like-minded travel enthusiasts with a penchant for whacky adventures!

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