Why should boys have all the fun!

We had been mulling over the idea of conducting a motorcycle riding workshop for women quite some time now, but being the sloths we are we always kept procrastinating it. Our ability to come up with alibis to not do something is quite surprising actually, maybe we owe that to all those years we spent working in them corporates where better excuses and evasions earn you "Exceeded Expectations" YoY. But we are not here to harp about the skills we picked up at our desk jobs, so let's leave it at that and dive right into the important stuff - 'The Ride Skills Workshop For Women'.

To be honest we had our apprehensions when we started chalking out the details of this ride, the fact that we had to play teachers scared the daylights out of us! It's quite natural to have that fear when you know you weren't really a half decent student.

Pali & Teekay playing teachers for the first time in their life to some lovely ladies - from what we hear they weren't that bad :)

But we had little time to whine about our fears and incapacities because we were swarmed with enquiries. The kind of response we got was totally unanticipated. We had to carefully profile and pick out only 10 participants out of over a 100 enquiries.

learning how to clean up your mess is always handy

The participants were total rockstars, we were

pleasantly surprised by the tenacity and the grit of these wonderful ladies. Despite the chilly mornings, the sunny noons and umpteen falls they kept at it. We were so thrilled to watch these ladies learn the ropes of riding bit by bit. It was an amazing feeling to watch all of them ride on their own across different courses and terrains we had planned during the course of the workshop

You can always count on a woman to stand up for the right reasons ;)

We also ensured the ladies were treated to a warm bonfire and yummy Barbeque in the night for their amazing efforts.

Kicked by the kind of experience we had at our first go, we are announcing our second 'Ride Skills Workshop For Women' on the 20th and 21st of January '18. Ladies, we tell ya', this is one helluva way to kickstart your new year. As always, we are taking in limited entries only, so grab your seat before it goes!

PS: Those of you who are interested can shoot an email to 'declutch@nomadicsoulrc.com'

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