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    7 nights x 8 Days x 1 Mind-Numbing Roadtrip  


MAR 24 - MAR 31, 2024

Fast Filling

APR 07 - APR 14, 2024

Ever dreamed of defying winter's chill in a frozen wonderland? Curious about people braving -25 degrees at mind-numbing altitudes? Willing to swap your routine for a dash of grit? Got that itch for adventure? 
Then join our expedition to Himachal's best kept secret - The Spiti Valley. Drive through snow-laden highways, photograph frozen waterfalls, go remote, break some ice with like-minded explorers and live an adventure of a lifetime.

Why you'll love The Whiteout?


Expert Expedition Team

Certified Tour Marshall and knowledgeable crew from Nomadic Soul, will accompany this trip.

Immersive Experiences

Bonfires, sunset picnics,

frozen lake sports, star gazing opportunities and more

Intimate Group Size

Minimum 8 and maximum 12 to ensure flexibility, safety and personalization

Top Reasons to Join Us

Smooth coordination, amazing choice of hotels, and homestays. A backup vehicle always tailing, medical supplies and emergency kits. A cocktail party on the last day amongst many other beautiful memories.

-Renetta Dutta, Aspirant, Commercial Pilot


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